About us

Welcome to The Strategist, the official blog of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). Launched in July 2012, The Strategist has spearheaded ASPI’s online presence and ability to deliver expert analysis of defence and security issues to a wider audience.

This blog aims to provide fresh ideas on Australia’s defence and strategic policy choices as well as encourage and facilitate discussion and debate among interested stakeholders in the online strategy community.

We’ve been asked over the years why the blog does not have a comments feature. We have encouraged readers instead to respond with a brief blog post, subject to our editorial guidelines, to keep the high-quality debate ball rolling.

The views expressed in this forum are those of the individual authors and don’t represent the views of ASPI or the institutions to which the authors are attached.

The Strategist is run by a team of ASPI staff:

Patrick Walters, Executive Editor

Natalie Sambhi, Managing Editor @SecurityScholar

David Lang, Editor @davidmlang

Amelia Long, Editor @AmeliaLong222

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