Policy, Guns and Money: COP26 debrief, regulating digital tech and India–China border tensions

Now that COP26 has concluded, ASPI’s Robert Glasser and Anastasia Kapetas break down the commitments made at the summit, where they fell short, and what needs to be done to limit warming to 1.5°C.

As society’s reliance on technology continues to grow, regulating and securing the cybersphere becomes increasingly important. ASPI’s Teagan Westendorf speaks to Jeannie Paterson from the University of Melbourne about the need to regulate digital technology in a way that aligns with democratic values.

ASPI’s Nathan Ruser and Baani Grewal recently released a multimedia project looking at the increasing border tensions between China and India in the Doklam region. Their ground-breaking work uses open-source satellite imagery to develop a unique 3D view of the mountainous region which helps viewers understand the strategic importance of the roads and military infrastructure being established by both sides.