Policy, Guns and Money: Intelligence collaboration, ASEAN and Myanmar, Pacific cyber capacity

This week, ASPI released a report detailing the lessons Australia’s intelligence community has learned from the US and UK. Two of the report’s authors, Michael Shoebridge and John Coyne, discuss their key findings and some of the shared challenges that the intelligence agencies are facing.

ASEAN’s response to the Myanmar coup in February has challenged the group’s standing. Huong Le Thu and David Engel explore this in their latest ASPI report. They discuss ASEAN’s crisis of credibility, Indonesia’s leadership role in the organisation and Australia’s role in the regional grouping.

Papua New Guinea’s government pay system was recently hit by a ransomware attack. ASPI’s Bart Hogeveen speaks with Cherie Lagakali, Pacific liaison of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise and chair of the Pacific chapter of Internet Society, about the attack and overall cyber capacity in the Pacific.