2 Sep 2013|

(Centre) First-time voter Private Brayden Lingard casts his vote into the ballot box under the watchful eyes of (L) Warrant Officer Class One Mike Beinke and (R) Flying Officer Greg Kilpatrick. Photo by SGT Brent Tero

You don’t have to be in Australia to vote in the up coming elections. With four teams of Australian Electoral Commission appointed Assistant Returning Officers deploying to all parts of the Middle East Area of Operations, even the most isolated Australian Service Personnel will have their chance to vote. Members of Team Four visit the Australian Support Base in the United Arab Emirates giving Australian personnel at the base their chance to cast a vote.

Deep Caption:
Operation SLIPPER is Australia’s military contribution to the international campaign against terrorism, piracy and improving maritime security. Under this operation our forces contribute to the efforts of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. ISAF seeks to bring security, stability and prosperity to Afghanistan and aims to prevent Afghanistan again becoming a safe haven for international terrorists. Operation SLIPPER also supports the United States led International Coalition Against Terrorism (ICAT) in the broader Middle East.