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  1. Feb 3
    Replying to and

    Ask him if he needs codeine for the massive headache causes by losing and the reception to

  2. Feb 1

    разработала Стратегию экспорта оборонных технологий, целью которой является повышение конкурентоспособности нашей оборонной индустрии. Тут полный текст:

  3. Jan 30

    Providence weekly insight/analysis – Australia’s PM launched admin. consider 5G to protect against cybersecurity threats With UK will now fine companies w/weak cybersecurity More details in attached.

  4. Jan 30
  5. Jan 30
    Replying to
  6. Jan 29

    ., and yesterday announced Aust’s new . We’re proud to be already flying the Australian flag overseas, providing Australian companies opportunities in Spain, the US and Canada

  7. Jan 29

    plans to become world-leading exporter by 2028

  8. Jan 28

    christ australia it's always one step forward and two steps backwards with you

  9. Jan 28

    Very pleased to be at the launch of the at with and this morning. It will help ensure a strong and resilient sovereign defence industry, able to deliver the capability needs.