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26 Feb 2013|
J-town, Indonesia

Here’s our weekly round-up of links and events in the NatSec, defence and strategy world.

For those interested in AirSea Battle, Richard A. Bitzinger and Michael Raska have a new RSIS Policy Brief on the concept and the future of conflict in East Asia (PDF). ASPI’s Ben Schreer also has a paper on the subject due for release soon.

In the world of energy security, few technologies have offered so much hope and so little apparent progress over the past half century as nuclear fusion. Now Lockheed Martin have announced that they are planning to bring a reactor online by 2017.

Sticking with the United States, William C. Martel has a longread that argues the US needs a grand strategy to help grapple with foreign and self-generated sources of ‘disorder’.

Admiral Gary Roughead and Kori Schake have a new Brookings policy brief on restructuring the US military in a time of change.

Here’s a new post by Kenneth G. Lieberthal that examines prospects (or not) of negotiations with China on cyber security.

Indonesia-watchers might like to sign up for ANU Indonesia Project’s weekly news updates, which track and summarise the week’s prominent policy developments. For more deeper insights and analysis, also check out Inside Indonesia which focuses on human rights, environmental, social and political issues.

Lastly, ABC journalist Sally Sara looks at the lives of twelve inspirational Asian women, starting with Latifa Nabizada, Afghanistan’s first woman military helicopter pilot.


Canberra readers, where’s Myanmar heading? UNAA ACT and AIIA ACT are co-hosting an expert panel on Myanmar and how Australia might play a role in its political, economic and social development, Wednesday 27 February at 5.30pm at Stephen House, Deakin.

Check out Professor Jason Sharman’s seminar based on research from a field experiment in impersonating terrorist financiers and money launderers on Tuesday 5 March at 12.30pm, ANU, RSVP essential.

National Security Advisor, Dr Margot McCarthy will be speaking about national security challenges at Spender Theatre, Australian Defence College on Wednesday 6 March at 6pm.

Professor Fen Hampson will be speaking about the fractured nature of global governance and what it means for conflict management in the 21st century, Thursday 7 March at 6pm, ANU.

If you’re in Adelaide, Detective Superintendent Graham Goodwin (SAPOL), Officer in Charge of the State Intelligence Branch, will be speaking at a RUSI function on police intelligence on Monday 4 March at 1pm.

Image of Jakarta’s skyline courtesy of Flickr user yohanes budiyanto.