Happy birthday, QEII
13 Jun 2016|

Along with most of Australia, The Strategist team is today enjoying the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

We’ll be back on the airwaves tomorrow, but until then you can catch up with Dione Hodgson’s analysis of the rebalance under Trump or Clinton; John McBeth’s call on Jokowi’s future politicking; or Feng Zhang on the recent US–China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. For reads beyond The Strategist, David Lang’s ASPI suggests has got you covered.

ASPI has also released a heft of high-quality publications recently, including on Islamic State recruitment, the rationale for offensive cyber capabilities, the Aus-Africa Dialogue, America’s rebalance to Southeast Asia, and an Agenda for Change 2016 paper which lays out the strategic choices facing the next Australian government.