Policy, Guns and Money: Biden’s first 100 days, Taiwan and biosecurity in northern Australia

Thursday 29 April marked US President Joe Biden’s hundredth day in office, a symbolic milestone used to measure the impact of a new administration. ASPI’s executive director, Peter Jennings, is joined by Bruce Wolpe, senior fellow with the United States Studies Centre, to discuss Biden’s achievements so far, in areas such as the response to the pandemic, climate policy, and the domestic and foreign policy challenges facing the administration.

Taiwan has been receiving increased international attention recently, partly because of its successful pandemic response but also due to cross-strait tensions. ASPI research intern Elena Yi-Ching Ho speaks to Wen-Ti Sung, lecturer in the Taiwan Studies Program at the Australian National University, about cross-strait relations, the potential for military conflict and whether the status quo is still sustainable.

ASPI analyst Teagan Westendorf speaks to Ruth Wallace, dean of the College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society and director of the Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University. They discuss Australia’s evolving biosecurity challenges and the opportunities for Indigenous communities in northern Australia to play a significant role in understanding and responding to biosecurity threats.