Policy, Guns and Money: Conflicts and Covid-19, election interference and cybercrime
21 Aug 2020|

In this episode, Lisa Sharland, head of ASPI’s international program, speaks to Robert Malley, president and CEO of International Crisis Group, about conflicts during Covid-19 and prospects for peace in Afghanistan. They also discuss Crisis Group’s annual ‘10 conflicts to watch’, including what’s changed since the last edition, and what might feature in the next edition later this year.

Next, The Strategist’s Brendan Nicholson and Anastasia Kapetas discuss the recently released US Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and foreign interference in the US. (Hint: There was plenty.)

Finally, ASPI’s Tom Uren and John Coyne continue the conversation on Australia’s 2020 cybersecurity strategy, explaining where it falls short and what the challenges are in policing cybercrime.