Policy, Guns and Money: Continuity and change in warfare and lessons from the pandemic

In this week’s episode, ASPI’s Ulas Yildirim speaks with Professor Beatrice Heuser, chair of international relations at the University of Glasgow, about continuity and change in war. Heuser this week delivered the 2022 J.G. Grey Oration at the Australian War College. She and Yildirim discuss her oration message, that we need to rethink many of our longstanding beliefs about warfare.

Next, it’s a cardinal question: what have we actually learned from two and a half years of the Covid-19 pandemic? Everyone agrees that the next biothreat is a matter of when, not if, but what are the future dangers and how prepared are we to face them? To explore these questions and more, ASPI’s Jasmine Latimore speaks with Associate Professor David Heslop from the University of New South Wales’ School of Public Health and Community Medicine.