Policy, Guns and Money: Defence innovation and Google’s cybersecurity overhaul

Plenty of security experts feel that the defence industry could learn a bit from Silicon Valley when it comes to moving more quickly, embracing disruption and making quicker decisions. One of them is Bill Greenwalt of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the most sought-after US thinkers on defence acquisition. He’s a former Senate Armed Services Committee staffer and deputy defence undersecretary for industrial policy.

In this episode, Greenwalt speaks with ASPI’s Bec Shrimpton about Australia–US collaboration on defence industry and technology, and about how to stay ahead in the innovation race that lies at the heart of today’s strategic competition.

In our second segment, ASPI’s Vahri Fotheringham talks to Shane Huntley, the head of Google’s threat analysis group. They discuss Google’s recent six-part documentary about the cybersecurity overhaul the company went through after it was hacked by China in 2009 in what became known as Operation Aurura. They also discuss steps that consumers and companies can take to improve their cybersecurity in a timely exchange following the high-profile hacks of Optus and Medibank, and the release today of the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s third annual cyber threat report.