Policy, Guns and Money: EU–China trade deal, coup in Myanmar and ADF training during Covid-19

At the end of December 2020, the European Union and China agreed in principle on a trade deal that will govern bilateral investment. Negotiations for the comprehensive agreement on investment began in 2013, but the strategic environment has changed significantly since then. ASPI’s Brendan Nicholson and Michael Shoebridge weigh the merits of this agreement.

Nicholas Coppel, Australian ambassador to Myanmar from 2015 to 2018, speaks with ASPI’s Huong Le Thu about the motivations behind the recent coup in Myanmar, the likelihood of the military holding new elections and whether international responses have done enough so far.

Covid-19 has impacted most work environments and the Australian Defence Force’s military training is no exception. ASPI’s John Coyne and Tony McCormack consider the challenges and benefits of implementing live, virtual and constructive training in the age of Covid.