Policy, Guns and Money: Global energy transformation, anti-BBC operations and Australia’s fuel security

In this episode, ASPI visiting fellow Robert Glasser speaks with climate expert Frank Jotzo, professor at the Australian National University and director of the ANU’s Centre for Climate and Energy Policy. They discuss the global shift from fossil fuels to renewables and the commercial market forces behind green energy and what China’s dominance in the sector really means.

Jacob Wallis and Albert Zhang from ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre talk about some of the key findings from their recent report, Trigger warning: the CCP’s coordinated information effort to discredit the BBC. They discuss the tactics used by the Chinese Communist Party, including its leveraging of Western and alternative news media.

With a drive for fuel storage investment in the Northern Territory, Teagan Westendorf speaks with Tony McCormack about Australia’s fuel security and resilience. They consider the different aspects of Australia’s fuel strategy, including infrastructure development, logistical concerns and fixes, and overall benefits to the region.