Policy, Guns and Money: Russia–Ukraine war, policing and AI, and an Australian DARPA

This week, Russia has continued its assault on Ukraine despite widespread international condemnation, including a vote by 141 member states of the UN condemning the invasion. ASPI’s Michael Shoebridge and Marcus Hellyer discuss the Russian attack, Ukraine’s long-term warfighting capability and the potential off-ramps for the conflict.

ASPI’s Teagan Westendorf speaks to Lyria Bennett Moses, director of the Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation and law professor at UNSW Sydney, about the ethics of artificial intelligence in policing. They explore different ethical frameworks, oversight measures and data practices of AI in law enforcement, and consider the notion of ‘undemocratic AI’.

Marcus Hellyer speaks with Graeme Dunk about the potential for an Australian version of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They discuss how an Australian DARPA would support defence innovation and the delivery of defence capability in Australia.