Policy, Guns and Money: US–Australia alliance and defence cooperation
3 Jul 2023|

In this episode, ASPI’s Bec Shrimpton speaks to Chris Maier from the US Department of Defense about the origin of special operations forces, the role they play in integrated deterrence and their ability to work across multiple domains. They also discuss the history of cooperation between Australian and US special operations forces and the importance of wargaming to force design.

Recently, ASPI’s US Army War College fellow, Alan Throop, released the report Impactful mateship, which focuses on strengthening the US–Australia defence relationship at a vital time as it develops in complexity and builds towards the ambitions of AUKUS. ASPI’s Jennifer Parker speaks to Colonel Throop about his fellowship at ASPI and the report’s recommendations, including more training for inbound US personnel and conducting allied-centric training.