Policy, Guns and Money: US election disinformation, China’s soft power and data digitisation

In this episode, ASPI’s Ariel Bogle speaks to Dr Kate Starbird, associate professor at the University of Washington and researcher at the Election Integrity Partnership. They discuss the growing challenges for social media companies in moderating online disinformation and misinformation in the context of the US election.

Next, Michael Shoebridge talks to journalist and author Rowan Callick about The elite embrace, his recent report for the Centre for Independent Studies. They discuss how the Chinese Communist Party influences key elites in Australia and around the world, and the 10 talking points to look out for.

And last, ASPI’s Anne Lyons chats with the director-general of the National Archives of Australia, David Fricker, about plans to digitise more than 650,000 World War II service records and over 30,000 at-risk audiovisual records.