Policy, Guns and Money: Virgin Galactic takes off, South African unrest and countering violent extremism

On 11 July, billionaire Richard Branson joined Virgin Galactic’s first fully crewed test flight to space. Billionaire Jeff Bezos will soon follow suit on the first Blue Origin crewed flight on 20 July. ASPI’s Malcolm Davis talks with Cassandra Steer from the ANU Institute of Space and the ANU College of Law about the new era for space tourism and its potential implications.

The arrest of former South African president Jacob Zuma sparked mass unrest in the provinces of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. ASPI research intern Khwezi Nkwanyana speaks to Ibrahim Abraham from the Australian National University about the recent violence and the significance of Zuma’s arrest with regard to corruption and wider stability in the country.

ASPI’s Teagan Westendorf is joined by Peta Lowe from Phronesis Consulting and Training to discuss counterterrorism and the roles of countering violent extremism and preventing violent extremism. They discuss these issues with a specific focus on gender, regional complexities and the cyber realm.