Policy, Guns and Money: Navigating AI regulation, safety and use

Following the recent AI Safety Summit hosted by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, ASPI’s Bart Hogeveen speaks with the European Union’s Senior Envoy for Digital to the United States Gerard de Graaf. They discuss the EU’s approach to AI regulation and how it differs from what the US and other governments are doing. They also discuss which uses of AI the EU thinks should be limited or prohibited and why, and provide suggestions for Australia’s efforts to regulate AI.

Next, ASPI’s Alex Caples, speaks to Australian Federal Police Commander Helen Schneider. They discuss the AFP and Monash University initiative ‘My Pictures Matter’, which uses AI to help combat child exploitation. They also explore the importance of using an ethically sourced database to train the AI tool that is used in the project, and outline how people can get involved in the campaign and help end child exploitation in Australia and overseas.