Policy, Guns and Money: State fragility, climate security and rethinking Australia’s trade

In this episode, The Strategist’s Anastasia Kapetas speaks to Frances Brown from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace about the lessons from the conflict in and withdrawal from Afghanistan. They also discuss how the United States can work with allies and like-minded countries to promote democracy globally.

A new report from the Australian Security Leaders Climate Group offers a whole-of-nation climate-security risk assessment. ASPI’s Robert Glasser speaks to one of the report’s co-authors, retired air vice-marshal John Blackburn. They discuss Australia’s shortcomings in responding to climate security risks, and what the government needs to do to prepare for the security implications of climate change.

How have Covid-19, natural disasters and coercion affected Australia’s business and trade positioning? Michael Shoebridge and Gill Savage explore this in their ASPI report New beginnings: Rethinking business and trade in an era of strategic clarity and rolling disruption. They argue that this period of disruption provides opportunities for Australia to invest both in areas of need and comparative advantage.