Policy, Guns and Money: US multilateralism, the Quad and Indonesia’s foreign policy

Since Joe Biden took office in January, he and his administration have made it clear that the United States is re-engaging in multilateralism. ASPI Executive Director Peter Jennings talks with Gordon Flake, CEO of the Perth USAsia Centre, about Biden’s foreign and climate policy agendas, and the importance of alliances and repairing some of America’s reputational damage.

Following the first-ever leader-level Quad summit in March 2021, ASPI’s Michael Shoebridge is joined by Lavina Lee, senior lecturer at Macquarie University, to talk about the latest developments in the Quad grouping as well as Australia–India bilateral relations.

ASPI research intern Hillary Mansour speaks with David Engel, head of ASPI’s Indonesia program, about Australia’s defence equipment and technology transfer agreement with Japan, what the agreement means for Indonesia, and how Indonesia’s recent international engagement complements its foreign policy strategy.