Policy, Guns and Money: Violent extremism, Biden’s climate agenda and tweet weaponisation

In this episode, Leanne Close, head of ASPI’s counterterrorism program, speaks with Peta Lowe, who has over 15 years’ experience working with young people involved with the justice system. They discusses countering violent extremism in youth populations, key risks for radicalisation, and strategies for awareness and prevention.

The Strategist’s Anastasia Kapetas speaks with Christian Downie from the Australian National University. They discuss President-elect Joe Biden’s climate goals, what impact they may have on US domestic and foreign policy, and what the implications might be for Australia.

The infamous tweet from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian was yet another setback in the Australia–China relationship. ASPI’s Jake Wallis, Ariel Bogle and Albert Zhang talk about their analysis of the Twitter activity around the tweet and discuss the increasing weaponisation of social media in the global geopolitical landscape.